Our Very Merry Christmas~ 2012!

Well I have been rather off the grid lately! So sorry about that! We have been so busy with homemade gift making, wrapping, and all the things that come with Christmas preparation! But never fear, I have many posts ready for you! We had an archery party last week, I have a cookie decorating party coming up, and I am planning to redecorate my sewing room! Plus, we are going to be headed back to school soon!

Today was our Christmas day here! The girls we so excited, I dont think that they could wait any longer! We usually open gifts and then go out to a nice dinner together. This year we changed things up a bit by going to a fancy brunch instead of dinner. Then we went home to get right into gifts! Later on in the later afternoon, we headed out to see the light display at the zoo! It was a busy day full of excitement and fun! I loved every second of it and so did the rest of the family! Do you want to see some pictures? Of course you do! 😉

The restaurant we ate at had an amazingly sweet Christmas tree! It was the perfect moment for some pictures! After that it was home to open gifts. We got the girls a woodworking bench and some tools! It was not the worlds most of exciting gift, but I know they will love it as they start to use it! They also got an art easel (which was a huge hit), Lego’s (for Bunny), and The Melissa and Doug doorbell house (for Pup). Plus I was able to make a little elf doll for each of them! They both loved that! I was going to get a picture tonight, but they are sleeping in the girls beds! 🙂

Bunny has been building Lego’s non stop and SO excited about this gift!

“My very own Hammer!” is what she was saying here! She loved it!

Here is an odd picture of the doll! They were loved!

Some art on the new Easel.

Here are some of Bunny’s Lego creations!
After time to play and rest, we were off the zoo to see the lights! We got there early so we could see the animals too! The animals were out and moving all around and it was so cool! Plus the baby elephant was doing tricks! But I think that the highlight was the dancing lights that flash to the music and the train ride though the lights!

We also ate some dinner in the diner that used to house the large animals many year ago!

So there we are! It was a great day and tomorrow we are off to my moms house for more Christmas fun! I hope that you are enjoying the holidays too!