Our Weekend

This weekend proved to be a bit one of all of us! On Friday the girls got their first prize for the reading program~ little My Little Pony figures! The girls were SO excited about them and loved picking them out at the store! They also had to write down a little bit about a book that they read this week! Bunny wrote a bit about Fancy Nancy Pajama Party, and Pup drew a picture of Rapunzel and wrote “Pumssl” at the top! They are loving all the reading and so am I!






 Another exciting thing for the weekend was that Bunny was invited to her first sleepover with her friends! She was a little nervous, but so excited! She was ready to go by Thursday even though the party was on Saturday! Since Bunny was going to be off having fun, my mom invited Pup to stay the night with her! So Pup also got to go sleepover too! It was the first time that she has ever slept away without her sister there with her! All this fun for them, meant my hubbie and I were on our own! So we got to go out to dinner and have a date night! It was a lot of fun for everyone here!



Our weekend was so much fun and full of excitement! I hope that yours was too! What did you do this weekend?