Painting on a Mountain

Today I was feeling rather blue and I really didnt want to spend the day snipping at the kids. I’m sure you all know what I am talking about. So, since my hubbie had to work today, we headed to the park! It was the most beautiful day we have had all summer! I wanted to do something special with the girls so that they felt special too! So I packed up the water colors and all the other stuff that we needed, and we headed off to the big hill!

I was so thankful for the ability to head out into nature to help us all relax and have a beautiful day! God’s beauty can really be a soul deep gift! So is family! After our walk and art session, we went to my moms where I got to sit and relax and the kids got to play to their hearts content! Tank God for Mom’s too!:) I hope you had a blessed Sunday! Be sure to stop by tomorrow for a tour of my classroom!