Projects that Inspire Resposibility

Today we got a chance to head out to a fair in our area! I love fairs, the food is yummy, the animals are fun to see, and there are all kinds of things to do. The fair was a very integral part of my husband’s life as he was growing up, so I always think its fun to see what he did each summer as a kid. As we looked at the different fair projects and animals that were there, I thought that this is something that is such a great concept! A child takes the responsibility to learn in depth about something that interest them, and then they complete the project with dedication. When the project is finished, they then come to the fair to present their project to judges and their peers. The projects are as varied as the kids that do them. You can take an animal, you can sew something, cook something, paint something, grow something, learn about something, etc. The possibilities are really amazing. This reminded me so much of what Maria Montessori said in Childhood to Adolescence. She talked about the benefits of the scouting movement for a child. She said that when a teacher took a child out into nature, it was good for them but they dont get to freely try out what they learn. When a child is in scouting,they learn what they need to know to do something, then they go and try it on their own. This gives them the chance to fail, master it, or adapt what they know to make it work out. I think that 4H is much the same way. A child chooses a project and follows it through to the end on their own. They are given the information and left to use it to finish the project! I love this idea! It is so child led and great a teaching the responsibility that a child needs to know as an adult. Not to mention, you get to go to fair and that is always fun! 😉 Today it was only about fun, but maybe someday we will be there for more! 🙂