Rainbow Yarn!!!!

I saw this project at easter time and I really wanted to try it out! So I enlisted the help of my mom and we made some really beautiful rainbow yarn! What we did was we went to Michael’s to get some wool yarn (yes it was such a sacrifice to go to the craft store 😉 ) Then we got some easter egg dye and the kids and dyed the wool! It was a HUGE mess, but alot of fun! Everyone got involved (all my brothers and sister, and my kids). It was a great project, but it is hard for the kids to do. If you want to see some more detailed directions you can see them at Small Things and Keep On Spinning and In the Heart of My Home. Ours turned out a little lighter then I wanted it too, but it is still so beautiful! We all love it! In fact there has been so many requests for things knitted, that we  have to make more! Since my mom is the only good knitter, it will depend on how fast she can knit! 🙂 Here are the pictures of out yarn!

All ready to work.

Here they are all ready to “cook” It is important to make sure that the dye in thoroughly saturating each strand!

Here is the yarn being set!

Here it is cooling in the sun!  It is so pretty!
Here are the finished balls ready for my mom to knit! 😉

Soooooo Pretty!

Here is the first project….fingerless gloves!

Bunny LOVES them!
(Yes those are PJs! I wanted a picture before bed)
Happy Projecting!