Scibble Art and Family Time

I have discovered a book that I absolutely LOVE! It is called the Artful Parent and many of you may know of Jean’s work from her blog, The Artful Parent. When I opened this book, I knew immediately that this was an art book that we could do! The activites are simple, and a bit different from the average kids art projects. The goal of these projects is to promote freedom of creativity while allowing children to try new things at the same time! I love that the projects are pretty and look like real art, not just kids projects! While looking through the book I found so many project that I knew we had to do. In fact, the other evening we did one of them that worked out SO well! The project was almost a game. The kids and I each got a piece of paper and a marker. For one minute we each scribbled on the paper any way we wanted. Then we passed the papers around to the person next to us. Next we had four minutes to look at the scribbles and find a picture in them. We used crayons to color it in. It was so cool to see what each person found in the others persons scribble! Here are some that we did:

DSCN3251Pup’s Scribble~ Bunny’s Art

DSCN3252Bunny’s Scribbles~ My Art

DSCN3253My Scribbles~ Pup’s Art





DSCN3258Pup’s Scribbles~ My Art

DSCN3259Bunny’s Scribbles~ Pup’s Art (Mermaids)

DSCN3261My Scribbles~ Bunny’s Art (Mermaids)

DSCN3263Bunny’s Scribbles~ My Art

DSCN3264Pup’s Scribbles~ Bunny’s Art (Giraffe)


My Scribbles~ Pup’s Art (Fish)


What loved so much about this project is that the girls loved it, then had a chance to be really creative, and it was SO easy for me to just do it spur of the moment! A lot of the projects in the book require a bit more preparation, bit there are some others that are really easy to get together! It was such a great way to spend some fun family time with the girls while not needing a whole lot of prep. I think that we are going to have alot of fun this year with projects!
Do you have a favorite resource for art with kids? I would love to hear your favorites!
 Happy Summer!