Sensory Playtime

As we all know, sensory play is the best kind of fun for little ones! Since my nephew is still with us, we thought it would be fun to so something super crazy and different! I pulled out some shaving cream and planned a painting day! We had our friends over to join in the fun. My first thought was to set up everything on the fence like an easel. It looked great, but the kids had other ideas! They tried painting, but it was difficult and the 2 year old thought it would be better to play in it instead of paint with it. So I cleared the picnic table and simply dumped all the shaving cream out for them to play in! It was a hit! There was shaving cream everywhere and everyone thought it was great! Even Bunny thought it was fun!

Yes, Pup did cover herself with it! She told me later, she loved getting messy and I was the best mommy ever for letting her! 🙂 So how did the clean up go? Like this….

So…do you want to paint with shaving cream? Here is how to do it!
~ Shaving Cream
~ Tempera Paint
~ Small Disposable cups
~ Popsicle sticks (for mixing)
All you need to do is fill the cup about 2/3 of the way full of shaving cream, then squirt a couple of teaspoons of paint on the top (the more you add the darker the paint). Then mix it all together with the Popsicle stick and paint away! Pretty simple! I will warn you however, this is super messy and the kids are going to want to use their hands! 🙂 Outside it a good place for this project! Happy painting!!!!!