Sleepover Socialization!

Last night Bunny had her first ever sleepover with her friends! As you can imagine the excitement was epic and the preparations were all Bunny’s idea! She planned everything out (with a little help) and had very specific ideas! She wanted to have crafts to do and picked out some animal beads at the store to make necklaces. I also made some little books for the girls to decorate. I thought it would be fun if the girls had a chance to color pictures for each other in the books! 🙂 We decorated a bit too! My sister and I strung  some colored pompom yarn all over to add some fun and I made some lantern out of some paper Bunny and I water colored for the invited! These I hung these in her room and added some glow sticks! This gave her room a pretty light all night long! It was super cool!

The yarn on the door was all Bunny’s idea! 🙂 She still has this up and she loves it!


Books for the girls!

I asked asked each girl to bring a game to play, and that added alot of fun! Each girls was so excited to share their game! They played right when they got there and again first thing in the morning! I taught them how to play spoons! They loved it!


The menu was all Bunny’s plan! She wanted to have pizza for dinner, so we did (I didnt have to cook)! We also had cookies and milk for a snack!Breakfast….well breakfast was awesome! We had a pancake bar! I made chocolate chip pancakes and the girls topped them with everything they wanted! We had whipped cream, syrup, sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, strawberries, peaches, blueberries, and raspberries. It was a huge success! They all had a blast making pancakes!

After their awesome breakfast and more games, we had some fun making posters with a build a flower set my sister found for them! They made some really pretty pictures with all the pieces and it was a great way to end a great party!

As you can see fun was had by all (although not alot of sleep:))! What I thought was really awesome was watching the girls playing together and working out their little issues! One of them got hurt and Bunny made sure she was ok and helped her feel better by bringing her back to the party. She made sure that there were pillows, slippers, and everything else anyone needed! And all the girls worked together to find a solution to the night time problems like whether to shut the door all the way or not! They made sure that everyone had fun and was included! I cant imagine a better party!
Who says homeschoolers arent socialized! 😉