Spingtime is Here!

Well it finally happened! The weather finally broke! Sunday it was in the mid fifties and it has stayed that way! Thank heaven! So we have been busy out in the sunshine and soaking up the warm. We headed out on an adventure on Sunday out to the lake. The paradox of warm sunshine and ice burgs was very interesting! The ice packed the shore and was solid around the edges! It was high, and so varied. Some was as clear as glass, and some wad like snow still. I have never seen this much ice on the lake even after the warmer weather and I think it was unusual. I was really glad that we were able to get the girls outside to see it. Plus there is always a lot of fun to be had climbing rock, running around, and being  wee bit silly! Here are some of the pictures. I took a lot of them and some of them are purely artistic! I had a great time trying out my photography hobby a bit more then I have recently! It seems like our small adventures are always the best! Thank God for the beginning of spring!

IMG_8106 IMG_8123 IMG_8121 IMG_8118 IMG_8114 IMG_8110 IMG_8156 IMG_8164 IMG_8165 IMG_8166 IMG_8170 IMG_8176 IMG_8185 IMG_8197 IMG_8199 IMG_8208 IMG_8210 IMG_8213 IMG_8221 IMG_8224 IMG_8249 IMG_8271 IMG_8278 IMG_8283 IMG_8297 IMG_8309 IMG_8318 IMG_8326