Swimming Fun!

I have been working really hard with Bunny to get her swimming. She has been afraid to go into the water and just sits on the steps of my mom’s pool (playing happily of course). She was too afraid of how deep the water is (my mom’s pool is 5ft all the way across). So I took her to a pool that had a shallower end and she could touch in, and that did the trick! She was so happy to kick around on a kick board! Then I took her to my mom’s the next day and I told her that she could kick around the same way with swimmies. She said that she really wasn’t going to. So I told her that she could earn a badge (this is a new thing that we are doing this summer and is also a cornerstone of my plan for the school year, but more on that later). The badge idea made her think, and before long she was a little fish all over the pool! We are all so proud of her! She did amazing! Then, it got better, Pup also got brave enough to swim without being held. I always have swimmies on both of them, but Pup didn’t want to free float. After watching my sister (age 18mos) who will swim like a fish and Bunny who got brave enough to swim, she went for it, and LOVED it! 🙂 She was also swimming like a fish! It was great! Both my little ones are swimming! I am so proud of them! Here are the pictures of them in the pool! (sorry about how bad the pics are, I only had my phone on me and the glare was awful!)

Bunny was so proud of herself! 🙂

Here she is with my sister! They were so happy to swim together!

If you look close you can see how excited Pup is to be swimming! 🙂