Taking Time Tuesdays!!!!

Today is the beginning of what I hope will be a special day each week for my kids! We are calling them Taking Time Tuesdays! Tuesdays this year are sort of off days here. We  don’t have commitments or babysitting to do, so they are perfect for my plan! Today {and every Tuesday} will be the day that we take little trips, do those amazing crafts that I keep finding on pintrest, and spend time having fun! I have been feeling like we don’t have time to do the fun stuff that is relaxing and that make memories! So I need to make some time to have those moments with my kids! We did alot of this kind of stuff during the summer and I miss it so much! I really think that kids learn more when they are having fun, so we are going to have fun! I mean it doesn’t have to be summer to play! 🙂
To kick off these fun adventures, we met up with some friends today to tie-dye t-shirts!!!! Our friends had a kit with all the dye and so all the kids needed to do was figure out which design they wanted to twist their t-shirts into! First we dampened the t-shirts, then we got to work with the rubber bands! Bunny and her friend did theirs in a twist pattern. I made Pup’s in a bullseye pattern, and HL wanted to do a graduated color! The next obvious step was using the dye! Now, when I did tie-dye, we used a spoon and a large vat of dye! These days, we have these very nice squirt bottles that keep it fairly clean! 🙂 The colors that we had were red, blue and yellow! Bunny of course realized these were the primary colors and she thought this was cool! Yay for retained learning! The moms did most of the squirting, and the girls helped squeeze the color though the cotton with their hands {in gloves of course}! Here are some pictures of our groovy little ones! 😉

Design Ideas!

Prepping the shirts!

Here is Bunny’s ready for dye! It took like 5 tried to get it to look right! 🙂

Here is Pup’s!

Ready to dye
{yes we did this outside!}

Here they are trying to put those thin plastic gloves on from the kit!


It didn’t take long to do the girls shirts!

Here is HL doing his gradual color design!

I didn’t get pics of the girls working since I was full of dye, so I had them come back and pose! 🙂


Arent they cute?
Now, I know that you are wondering what they turned out like, but you will have to wait just like us!!!! They need to sit for 8 hours and then they need to be washed in hot water! I will have to have a reveal post later this week! We had a blast and I came home feeling like we had a lot of relaxing fun! It was exactly what I want our Taking Time Tuesdays to be! I already have plans for the next one! 🙂
What ways do you take time to have fun?