Telling Stories


Today the girls and I headed to the beach! It was a beautiful sunny 70 degrees here, so we packed a quick lunch and headed out! We played in the waves, ate sand ice cream creations, and told stories together. This last part is something that I have been doing with the girls and they are loving it! Who knew! I don’t think that I am a particularly gifted story teller, but the girls are always captivated. We have a little girl named Jane who goes on adventures! Sometimes she learns something like when she went up into a cloud and learned about the water cycle, and sometimes they are just made up like when Jane swam with her new mermaid friend! The girls love this little dark haired girl and the great thing is that a new story can happen any time no matter where we are! So today Jane built a sand castle that she shrunk to fit inside an met a princess. She climbed into a rock cave and met a hermit crab who took her to his secret beach spot. She met a seagull named Sandpiper who took her to see the ocean from the sky. And she took a ride on a dolphin with her mermaid friend! Jane had a very busy day and I had a perfect moment, laying on the beach, telling stories to my girls! I have a feeling that Jane will be with us for a while! She is connecting us through her adventures and inspiring us to greater creativity! When I tell the stories, the girls are engrossed yet offer up details to add about what is going on! We are building the story and memories together all at the same time!















Do you tell stories at home? What are they about? Do you find that it offers your family a way to connect and grow together? This is a new idea for me! I would love to hear your thoughts on this! I hope you take a moment to share in the comments!