Valentines Day Magic!

Today is Valentines Day and the girls were so excited! But with all the party planning I have been up to with Pup’s Birthday thats coming up and planning for Lent, I really didnt do too much. Well I thought it would be fun for the girls if they woke up to some Valentine-y fun! So I printed, cut, and decorated after they were in bed last night and got everything ready! They loved it! Plus I promised them some amazing pink heart pancake breakfast, and they were over the moon! I love surprising them!

I also printed off several different valentines and some valentine jokes for the girls! They were waiting in the mail box this morning! On the one side I wrote little notes of what I love about the girls!

Fun right? Well I thought that we would make a day of it and we spent the morning making valentines for all our friends. Bunny made some music ones and Pup used glow sticks!
After all that hard work, we went on a delivery run and visited all of the girl’s friends! It was super fun and a really great way to spend the holiday! After that we went to dinner and the girls were surprised with some valentine fun with my sister! 🙂


I hope you really had a great Valentine’s day! I love the chance to send love to everyone and to share all the happiness! Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!