What have we been up to?

Well as you can see from my lack of posts it has been a very busy week! We really didn’t even get to much school work, but what we did get to was ever so wonderful! Swimming, time with friends, bike riding, and a trip to the zoo! Our week was full and it was fun! Here are a few pictures from all the great days in the sun!

On Wednesday, we had our annual Homeschool group planning meeting! This of course was also a great time to jump into the pool for the first time! 🙂 The girls LOVE to swim and I think we will have a lot of it in the near future!

Almost everyday this week, the girls have been working on riding their bikes! Bunny has really taken off on her two wheeler and is doing great!

Today we went to the zoo for my nephew’s second birthday celebration! Both of my girls had a great time with their cousin and aunts! It was hotter then it has been all year, but it was still a great trip! Here are a few pictures!

Happy Birthday!!!!!
So that is what we have been up to! I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend !!!! I hope that your summer is starting out to be wonderful!