Winter Wonderland!

Well we got some snow! I know we had a bit here and there, but this was the real deal! We got about 8 inches and that meant it was time for sledding!!!!! The girls were super excited and Daddy had a new plan that was definatly more then the average hill full of snow (because honestly the sledding hill was going to be a mad house). Some hot dogs on the grill, hot cocoa with marshmallows, and a tractor to pull the sleds made an amazing afternoon! My family and some friends joined us at our property to play on the hills in the snow. It was cold, it was wet and it was fun! The girls loved it and I think this is something we are going to have to do again!

 DSCN8709 DSCN8711 DSCN8712 DSCN8713 DSCN8714 DSCN8717 DSCN8719 DSCN8720 DSCN8735 DSCN8736 DSCN8737 DSCN8739 DSCN8740 DSCN8747 DSCN8748 DSCN8749 DSCN8753 DSCN8754 DSCN8756 DSCN8766 DSCN8776 DSCN8777 DSCN8779 DSCN8782 DSCN8783 DSCN8791 DSCN8716 DSCN8761 DSCN8762 DSCN8789So there you have it! And yes that is a picture of my bro “rowing” his sled (that is being pulled)! We all had a great time! Sometimes winter is amazing! Happy (almost) Winter!