Words of Wisdom from Bunny!

Today was one of those days when Bunny is thoughtful. She tends to have these days every now again!:) She is a deep thinker and she usually has a ton of questions and thoughts. Today we were in the car and she was pretty quite. Then suddenly she says:
“Mommy heaven in in my heart. Is that right?”
I had no idea what to say. You see I have been reading alot of books about the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, and in many of their examples of children talking about their spiritual thoughts, the children use words that dont always mean what we think they do. I was thinking that this might be one of those moments. So I asked here:
“Well Bunny, what do you think heaven is?”
“Heaven is somewhere where Jesus is.” she answered.
“You are right!” What else could I say? She was so right and it made me so happy to know that my daughter is really thinking about God and what he means in her life! It was just one of those small moments when I could “see” her spiritual self. This is a rare thing and it was a gift from God to me to be able to see this side of her!

What side of your child has brought you joy lately?