Work and Play!

Well work and play has been the theme of the last few days for sure! We had a garage sale on Friday and we cleaned up from it today! However, we also go some fun in too! The girls made some cookies and muffins to sell at the garage sale and Bunny’s friend stopped by to help out too! Bunny was so excited to make the signs and help with the baking. She was even excited to help selling them (and she really doesnt like to talk to people she doesnt know). However, at about an hour and a half she wanted to be done. I told her that she started something and she needed to finish it. So we made a deal that she work until lunch. Her friend loves to talk to people and really helped Bunny keep selling! I was really proud of how hard they both worked! When they were done, the sold out of everything! Each girl made about $18! They worked really hard and so did I! I was able to sell most of my stuff and made some extra money that I will be using for new Montessori materials!

Bunny was so excited to have earned so much money! She has been saving for a scooter and this allowed her to finally get it! So today we went to the store to get it! Boy was she excited to try it out when we got home! Pup had a little money and got a horn for her bike! She loves it with all her heart….me not as much! 😉 At least I will always know where she is! 🙂
I guess I didnt catch  good picture of Bunny on her scooter! 🙁 I will get one tomorrow! We are finally done with all of our work though and I hope that this week will be lot more relaxing!
Happy Summer Fun Everyone!