A day of Field Trips!

Today we went several places! We started the day with a great trip to our local fire station! It was great! Fire Fighter Jim showed the kids all sort of things and I think that it was really fun for the kids too! Here is a few pics of our trip {too see more about this trip stop by other blog HOPE in the Home}

After our fire station trip, I took the kids to the park. It was a beautiful fall day, so I packed a lunch before we left so we could head outside for a while! I took the kids {by a unanimous vote} to the big hill! I made the kids eat before we took a walk. Then we headed up the hill! The girls loved seeing the butterflies that were there, and they also found some milkweed silk! This of course prompted some fun “planting”! 😉

Lunch Time!

Up we go! This hill is so steep! Tadpole made it up on his own, but it was slow going!
{The other kids ran! Boy I wish I could do that too! ;)}





Here are the girls “planting” milkweed!

We also took some pods up to the top of the hill! They went so far in the wind! It was fun to watch them dance in the air! I sort of talked about how the seed travel, but they just want to see them fly!

After going up and down the hill a few times, they were pretty tired. So I pack us all up and we headed toward home. However, we past our local Pumpkin patch! I have wanted to get some of those small pumpkins so the girls could scrub them in the school room but I haven’t gotten to the pumpkin patch yet. So….we stopped! Bunny was SO excited, so were the other kiddos! I let them all pick a gourd and a pumpkin! It was a short trip, but they all thought that it was amazing! To make the trip even better Bug and Pup found a cat that loved attention! Pup has been in  love with cats ever since she held a few kittens this summer. This was further encouraged by a visit to Grandma and Grandpa’s where she was allowed to carry the cats around and they let her! So now she thinks that she can hold all cats. This cat was no exception and I had to talk to Pup about how we cant hold every cat we see! 🙂 I managed to tie out “h” is for Halloween theme in by talking about the pumpkin life cycle and about the parts of a pumpkin a bit. Then we read a story that talked about those thing too!
They all had to sit on a giant pumpkin! 🙂

Here is the kitty that wanted to play! The girl were following this poor cat everywhere! 🙂

Here is Pup’s picks

Here is Bunny’s picks

And here is Bug’s! She found some leaves too!
So I guess today had some fun planned learning, and some spur of the moment learning too! It was really busy, bu it was fun! Plus we all got out in the sunshine before the cold really hits! We could go outside without a coat today, but the cold is moving in tomorrow! I hope to do some more pumpkin work with the kids tomorrow and I “talk” with you all then! Happy Schooling!