Finding Fossils!

That’s right, we were out fossil hunting today with friends!!!! Near where we live is an old quarry that is “what is left of the shallow sea that covered Ohio during the Devonian period, 375million years ago”! (I took that quote directly from the hand out they have). Basically they turned it into a park where you can go and hunt for fossils that are left over from the mining. They are chunks of shale that are in piles for you to dig in to your hearts content! How wonderful is that? While we were there we found a bunch of Brachiopods (shelled animals). Some of them were still intack with both shells. We also found some bits of Bryozoans, Crinoids, and Aulopora! What that translates into is lost of shell shapes, some coral bits, and some bits with a linen pattern! It was super fun and the kids had a great time getting really dirty!

Here are the fossils we found:

After all this work in the sun, the kids were all hot. So my friend suggested some ice cream and this suggestion was met with great joy (obviously)! With cones and cups in hand, everyone had a pure summer experience!

Summer is a wonderful time and since the heat has finally gone back to normal, we are able to be out there! I really love that we were able to do something as unique as dig for fossils and I know we will be back! Especially when we start the Great Lessons! What a perfect going out! Thanks for stopping by! Happy Summer Learning!