Garden adventure!!!!

Well my lack of posting is due to the awful virus that as hit poor Pup! She came down with it on Thursday afternoon and she has had a fever since. This has made her rather clingy and unhappy. 🙁 So far, no one else has it thank the Lord! I was so glad that it ended last night! Unfortunately I think it might be some time before Pup in back to her normal self! She is wiped out! This has left me very little time to figure out a new theme this week, so we are going to do “f” is for fall again!

Now for something new that I wanted to post a while ago. On Thursday morning {before Pup got sick} we went out the an education park/garden {I’m not sure what to call it}. We went with our homeschool group. The older kids { 5 and up} had a pottery class and the other moms took the littles out for a walk to explore! They have so many amazing places for the kids to go and connect with nature! There is  a fairy garden, a large musical instruments place, and a bio dome with all sorts of  exotic plants! Not only was Bunny so excited to make a pottery item {I will let her work be a surprise post later} but Pup had a ton of fun exploring! Here are some pictures of all the fun the little had!

Here the tree as you enter the community garden area! I LOVE the leaves! Each one is different! I totally think that this is going to be a fall project here!

This one is wool.

This one is wire and beads

This is glass! So cool!

Aren’t they cute?!

There is tunnel system that has three entrances/ exits!

Here is a little play house area!

Rock wall!

Balance bean! I want to put one of these in the backyard!

These are drums in the instrument area!

Coming out of the tunnels!

Here is Pup playing the chimes!

This is another great backyard idea. This is a large piece of stone and they have a bucket with a paint brush for the kids to draw with water!

Feeding the fish in the bio dome!

It was a really awesome time for everyone! Pup had fun playing outside, and like I said, Bunny had so much fun with the class  she wanted do pottery again! She even wants to throw her own! I guess we found a new art medium that she wants to explore more! Like I said it was a great day! I cant wait to have more days like this! I  am in the middle of working out a way to incorporate more little trips into out week! I love doing those things and sometimes I forget to! I hope to get a few more in before the really cold weather hits! Happy Schooling and Exploring! 🙂