Playing in the Woods!

Today we got together with our friend for a fun day in the woods and the sun! There was lots of running, laughing, smiles. and talking. Some climbing, and new things tried. And there was some little fish that got names during the picnic lunch! It was a beautiful day and wonderful way to spend a spring day!

Digging for fossiles

Here is Pup “reading” this sign. She said the sound of each letter she saw!

Look at how close this squirrel got while we were in the bird blind.

Feeding Fish

Playing with the Puppets

This underground tunnel was hit!

Well….Bunny was not amused by my camera! 🙂

Here are the fish the kids names while they ate lunch. One was named Puffy and one Longy. 🙂 They kept coming back to see their new friends!

Working on walking the balance beam!