Water Work and Wonderful Library Fun!

Well the last few days I have been working with the girls on a few of the water experiments in the waseca biome study! Yesterday we talked about how water always flows down hill, and today we reviewed the water cycle! Since we did a lot of water cycle work this year, I sort of just did a review. Bunny really understands this, so I didn’t get into it too much more. Both girls enjoyed this work, and I think that the water flowing downhill will really be a great work to leave out! Pup really loves it, I just needed to wait for it to dry before I could let them work with it!

This tray has Model Magic clay in it that I made into a steep hill. I let it dry (mostly) and used it to demonstrate how water flows!

The water cycle was easily done with some ice in the pan that we melted and when it started to boil, we noticed how the water vapor was like the water that evaporated to form clouds. Then we put the bowl over the top. The vapor collected and made “rain”!

Here are some pictures that Bunny drew to show how the water cycle worked!

Another thing that we did today was that we finally made it to the large library! Let me tell you what, the children’s library there is almost like an amazing museum filled with books! Bunny and Pup loved it! I think we may have to stop by there more often!

We ended up with alot of fun and a we ended up with a lot of books! I love that in the children’s library there is not only a fictions sections full of picture books, but also a whole section of non fiction picture books as well! It is just perfect for finding great books to read for school work! I think I need to go with a list of my near future studies! 🙂 It was just a great place! Happy Schooling!