Friday Five~ History Edition

Hi all! It’s Friday and that means its time to share all of our favorite learning materials! This week we are talking history! I for one love history! I love to hear about all the things that people have worked so hard on over the year and to learn about how things were done then. It is really one of the most exciting things to study! So here are my five favorite picks for history!

1) Story of the World: I love this program! I think that this is seriously the best history program out there! It is in a story form and is really a great way to continue learning about the history of man after the great lessons! Bunny is loving the story so far and is really interested. That is the goal of learning about history.

2) Montessori Great Lessons: These are the PERFECT way to start thinking about how the universe and all it contains came to be! These offers a solid basis for the study for all the other parts of history as well as everything else! If you want to check these out, be sure to stop HERE. I have my versions of the God with No Hands Charts and the Timeline of Life on my Freebies Page!

3) A Street Through Time: I love this book! I came across it by chance at the library and it is awesome! My goal for teaching history is simple to give the girls an overview of where the world has been. I think that there are some dates that they should know, but we are not going to be big into memorizing lots of dates. However, I wanted to find something that allowed them to see how time has changed. This book is it. The book shows one street through all of history and about how it changes! It is very cool!

4) American Girl: I know that there are a lot of people who either hate or love this big company, but I think that for learning American history, this is so much fun for the girls. I love that the books teach, not only what was going on at that time, but also how to handle tricky situations as a young girl. It is a great way to learn about the complex layers of our history!

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5) Toob: I have to admit, I have a slight obsession with these little mini figures. There are some for all the different animals and there are also quite a few of them for different times in history. Having these while we are learning about a time period allows the girls a chance to play with their knowledge of the time! And we all know that play makes learning better!

So those are my five picks! What about you? Do you have five favorite history resources? I would love to hear about them! So play along!