A Year of Crafts~ April

Well today we had another really great craft day! Our theme this month was birds, and it was my turn to plan!!!! I had alot of fun planning lunch and finding a craft! I have to say, this month came directly from Pintrest! There are a million ideas there and I just had to try them! This month, we started with lunch which was super fun! I found this great idea where they had an Easter egg hunt for their lunch! I modified this by putting their lunch in some white Easter eggs I found and serving them in baskets nests! The kids were not sure what to think when I set it in front of them! I think that HM thought I had lost my mind! 🙂 Hahaha! I love that! It was fun to watch them open each egg and be surprised by each part of lunch! I also tried making some egg Popsicles for dessert. I found the idea here. They sort of turned out, but they did leak before they froze. So if you try these, make sure your eggs don’t leak! 😉

For our craft, we made some lovely and colorful nest kits for the birds! This idea is one that has been bopping about pintrest and it was just too easy and so great for all of the ages we having crafting! Here is a link for the yarn nest kit! We had a great time with this and when the kids were all done, we made some simple bird feeders with pipe cleaners and Cheerios! (Here is a link).

I think everyone had a great time and these crafts will be so great for the birds! I cant wait to look around and see if we can see some nests with flair! 😉 With all the pretty yarn, I think we will have some awesome nests in the area! Happy Spring!!!!