A Year of Crafts~ January

This year for Christmas, my friend and I decided to give our kids a craft day instead of gifts from each other. So once a month, one of our Taking Time Tuesday will be a craft day with our friends! So this month it was my friends turn to plan, and she did a snowman theme! The kids all made hanging snowman and they also got to make snowman garland. Both ideas were really wonderful and easy for the kids to make! The hanging snowman was three circles that the kids traced and cut out. Then they glue these to some fish line and decorate! Simple and fun! The other craft was snowmen that the kids traced onto craft foam, and then cut out. Then they got to decorate them with buttons, felt, and ribbon. After they were dry, we strung them together with some yarn to make a snowy happy garland! Here are a few pictures of the kids at work!

First up are the pictures of the girls making hanging snowmen. Pup did all her own cutting and most of the tracing too! Bunny and her friend made theirs all on their own and they turned out really well too!

Here they are all making their garland! I love how concentrated they were on making them really pretty!

Here are Pup’s Snowmen. She cut the snowmen out and the hats on her own.
(I did add some necks to them though)

Here are Bunny’s

And here are Bunny’s Friends!
All the kids had great fun and after we got all of the crafts cleaned up, we had some awesome snowman pancakes for lunch!!!! Too cute! All the kids LOVED them of course!

So that was our first craft day it was a blast! Not only did we have fun crafting , the kids got to play together and I got to have some great mommy time with my friend! I love days like this! Our next craft day is on Valentine’s day, and I get to plan it! 🙂