A Year of Crafts~ July!

On Tuesday we had our monthly Year of Crafts day and it was full of All American Fun! My friend thought that a simple craft would be the best since it was hot and the kids wanted to play in the water outside! She was so right! With the Fourth of July the next day, our craft was all about the fireworks fun! Using some glitter paint and pipe cleaners twisted into spider shapes they were able to make some really pretty fireworks! We also tried a couple of other techniques. One was using a straw to blow the paint out into a burst! Another was to use q-tips and toothpicks to spread the paint! Bunny got really into it and used all three colors on top of each other to give it a really real look! Pup loved dipping it into the paint and stamping it down. HM (age 5) made his very organized. Each color was done in a nice row! CM (age 6) didnt want to get messy, so she used markers to create a story board of how a firework blows up. First she made a line going up and then it three more pictures she showed how it got bigger, and then it was lighter and falling out! 🙂

After the craft it was time for some good old fashion outside summer fun! Kiddie pool, basket ball, and sidewalk chalk!

After lots of playing, there were some very hungry kids! So we had a really awesome All American Lunch! It was perfect for summer!
Hot Dogs, Potato Chips, and Red White and Blue Fruit!

And Root Beer! 🙂

For dessert we had homemade ice cream sandwiches! Yummy!

It was a great day in the sun! I love that there is so many days of fun with our Year of Crafts! I cant wait for next month! It is my turn to plan and I am going to hit Pintrest here to find some awesome fun! 😉 Did I mention I love this?! Happy Summer Everyone!