Cooking With Books~ Pretzels by the Dozen

Sorry about the long break there! I have been having computer issues and we ended up getting a new one! Which means I have been adding alot of programs and trying to get the hang of Windows 8! But everything is up and running and I hope to get you some more amazing posts about what we have been up to!
The other day was our Cooking with Books Day! We read a really sweet book about pretzels and how we came to have them and what they represent! Plus it follows a lovely number order as you count to 12! Pretzels by the Dozen is a little hard to get since it is out of print, we found it on our library search sight. We started by reading the book, and then we started making pretzel dough. We made two different kinds of dough, one white (the recipe was in the book) and the other was from Weelicious (by the way my new favorite food resource! Everything is good!). The kids loved all the measuring and we even got some fraction conversions in too! 🙂 After that the dough got to rise and the kids got to copy a little poem about the pretzel to share with friends! When they finished, the dough was ready to roll into pretzels and bake! We made some salted ones and some sugar ones! They were both pretty good! The kids wanted to eat them all! 🙂

Yummy! I am loving this monthly get together! Wonderful food, awesome friends, and great books! What’s not to love? Happy Baking!