Earth Day Celebration

Well spring cleaning has been going well but it has taken alot out of me! That means there really hasn’t been to much to share with you! But the other day our homeschool group got together to celebrate Earth Day! It was a perfect way to have some fun in the middle of a busy week! After a wee bit of decorating (it is me after all), we started out celebration off with a fun craft. Each child got a piece of natural earth clay and they rolled it into an earth. The they added some blue dyed stones. Add a shake of glitter and a stick, and now you have beautiful, natural garden markers! The kids had a lot of fun with it! Plus they turned out so pretty!

After that we read a fun vintage book called Junk Day on Juniper Street. In the story everyone decides that they need to get rid of some junk. After everyone clears out their houses, they needed to wait a day for the truck. As they waited, they started to find that their neighbors junk was just what THEY needed! In the end, there was no junk! We talked about how reusing thing is better then just throwing then away! Next we read the creation story right from the bible. After ward we talked about what Earth Day means and what we should do to protect they Earth and why we need to do those things.

Finally it was time to eat! We had a tea with all the food representing one part of the creation story! The kids thought it was so much fun and yummy! 😉 Do you want to see what food we had? Here they are:

God separated the light from the darkness.
Our food for this was eclairs, half dark, half light!

Next her separate the water from the sky.
Our food was jello with whipped cream clouds!

After that, God separated the seas from the dry land.
So we had dirt cake!

Then God created vegetation.
Obviously we ate some veggies.

Then God created the sun for day and the moon and stars for night.
This is our sun made from fruit with the darkness of space made from blueberries.

Next, God created the fish of the sea and the birds of the air.
We ate some Goldfish crackers for the fish and chicken salad for the birds (yes a bit disturbing, but we needed something for a main dish)!

Then, God created the animals.
Animal crackers are our food for this!

Finally God made humans.
We cut out bread in the shape of gingerbread men.
After all of this fun and celebrating our beautiful world,  the kids got time to just play and have fun together! Of course after a while it got pretty rowdy! So we put the Lorox on which seemed like the perfect way to end our day! While the kids had some movie time, we moms sat down to plan out the next year of plans! It worked out really well! I hope you all had a chance to remember the gift that the earth is to each of us! Happy {late} Earth Day!