More Arctic Fun!

Today we had some friends over for a play date and I thought it would be fun to share our theme with them! So I used my stand by play dough recipe and made some snow play dough! I used lots of white glitter and peppermint flavoring (peppermint just smells cold). Then I got out all of the animals from the Arctic Toob, some pinecones, some rocks,our arctic cookies cutters, and some books about the arctic. I set all of these out on the table and I gave a quick little talk about the arctic and Antarctica. Then I let the girls and boys create what ever winter arctic scene they wanted. I loved to hear Bunny and her friend talking about what the polar bears do, and talking about the cold! They were all so creative made some really great scenes! Here are some pictures of their work!

Here is Bunny’s first one. She has the polar bears getting ready to eat the seals!

Here is Bunny’s friend’s first one.

This one is HM’s (age 3)

Here is a slightly reworked one that Bunny did.

This is Bunny’s friend’s. She added an iceberg in the water and penguin foot prints!

Here is Pup hard at work!

RM is Pup’s age and doing a great job too!

I think that this is another one that Bunny made.

This one is RM. She ended up finding some Australian animals! It looks good though!
They all turned out so well! I love that this project allowed the kids to be creative, think about how the environment would be, and to think about how the animals and people would interact in that environment. It is such a great way to reinforce our lesson from the other day while having a ton of fun! This is one of those things that really does so much to inspire learning, and the kids think that they are just playing! 🙂 Another really sweet moment that happened during our play time, was that the girls set up a party. They had a table clothe, dishes properly set at each spot, guests that were invited, and they passed plates, talked kindly, and were just so polite! It made me see that they are learning all about proper behavior while they play and there just cant be a better way to help them with those grace and courtesy lessons! So that was our fun today! I love that they all had fun and learned at the same time! How do your kids learn while they play? Share your favorite moments and activities that help kids learn while having fun!