Ornament Making and Party Ideas!

Today we got together with our homeschool group and it was my turn to plan! We were going to have a Christmas Party, but I really couldnt seem to get into the right theme, until I got on pintrest and saw all the amazing ornaments! Since we are all still preparing for the holiday, I thought making a bunch of ornaments would be a great thing to do together! With some great help from the other moms, we had four ornaments for the kids to make! Some of them were epic! Some were a bit of a flop, but everyone had a great time! And there were priceless decorations made for everyones trees!

Baby Jesus Peg Ornaments
~ Small Peg Doll
~ White Felt
~ Gift Basket Grass Stuff
 (ok..I am sure that it has a name, but I dont know it! 🙂
The Directions are pretty simple really, wrap the peg up in white felt and glue it. Then pull off a chunk of the grass and roll it into a nest shape. Glue the Baby Jesus onto the grass and you are all done! This craft however, was the one that flopped! To be honest, your need hot glue to get this done well, and the craft glue didnt cut it for them! But they are super cute and simple!

Pine cone Christmas Trees
~ Pine cones
~ Pompoms
~ Sparkles
~ Beads
~ And Glitter would have been a great addition too!
This is another really simple craft that everyone loved! It was great for the really little ones! All you do is add some glue drops to the edges of the pine cones and then stick the pretty stuff on! Again, we all thought that some glitter really would have sent this one over the top! Next Time!

Shrinky Dink Ornaments
~ Permanent markers
All you need to do for this is follow the directions on the box! 🙂 This one was the epic one!

Candy Cane Jesus Ornaments
~Poster Board cut out in Candy Cane Shapes
~ Red Paint
~ Felt
~ Yellow paper cut into strips
~ Cream colored paper
The child paints red stripes on the candy cane. When its dried, glue the yellow paper strips on the bottom of the candy cane and add the felt cut into an oval. Finally put a little face on the felt and you are done! This was a fun one too!
All of this crafting got a little crazy, but everyone had a great time and loved their new treasures! After all that thinking, we had some fun Christmas games for the kids! We are talking really simple and easy games for the kids! They had fun and with a bunch of pencils and plastic rings for prizes, the fun was all the better! 🙂

Cookie Flip
~ Two plates
~ Cardboard Cookies
~ Spatula
Each child stands a few feet from the plates that are in a row on the floor. Taking the spatula and placing a “cookie” on it, the child tried to throw it onto the plate! The fun thing about this is that it is really easy and hard all at the same time! 🙂 The big kids did just as well as the little ones!

Ornament Toss
~ Basket
~ Four plastic ornaments
Simply toss the ornaments into the basket! 🙂 An oldie but a gooddie!

So there you have it! I hope that you are having a good time preparing for the holidays! Maybe you will find a fun thing to do with your kids this year! If you are looking for some more holiday fun, check out what we did last year.