Sad School Day

Well today was the last day Bug and Tadpole will be with us. We are all sad and they were too. I will miss them. I know that we had some challenges, but they were really sweet kids and really added some fun here. I decided to quite babysitting for now because my girls are needing more of my attention here. I am also cutting back on other things that I have going on for a while so that I make sure that I am giving my best to the people who need me the most. I didn’t want to quite, but right now I need to do what is best for our family.
So today we did some work together and we also had some princess playdoh fun! Bunny made a special book for Bug to take home as a going away gift and she really did a beautiful job. They all had so much fun playing together! Here are a few pictures of our day!

Bug drew this Cowboy hat and was so very proud of it!

Here is Bunny’s book that she made for Bug! I love that she thought of names and everything! 🙂

I also made some pink and purple playdoh for the girls to play with! Add some sparkles and some fairy tale cookie cutters and you have hours of fun!

So that is what we were up to today! I really will miss our little friends! I am hoping that this change and all the other ones we are making will help us all here to get things back to a place where they need to be. I wish you Happy Schooling!!!!!