Taking Time Tuesday~ Bunny’s Donation Sale

Today we were able to hang out with some friends of ours for a while and the kids had a bast! However, I didn’t get any pictures of that. We also were at church today and Bunny worked really hard with some of her friends to sell all of the ornaments that she made! Bunny is not much of  a sales person, she is shy and naturally reserved. She has some friends however that love to talk to others and sell things, so it worked out well. They were selling the ornaments for a donation. The proceeds are to go to the Maryknoll Sisters who help the poor. I think that Bunny did a great job spending hours working on the ornaments, and she and her friends did a wonderful job making sure that got a ton of donations! All in all the girls made a total of $52.30!!!! I am so proud of the girls for working so hard to help others who need it! I really hope that it is the beginning of a beautiful life full of love and generosity!
PS If you are interested in making a donation too, there is a button on the left side bar of the blog labels “Bunny’s Donation”!