Taking Time Tuesday~ Salsa! (Ok…a day late)

So I am a day late on my link up party 🙁 So sorry! I dont know how it happened! So I am starting it today! I really hope share with us what you took time to do this week! I would love to hear it!

Yesterday we went to our friends house for a little playtime and fun! Everyone loved it (as always) and had a great time! While the kids were outside, they discovered that there were alot of tomatoes in the garden that were ready! So they picked them and brought them in. Not Bunny’s friend decided that it would be a good idea to make salsa! My friend, who is an amazing mom, let them go for it right then and there! They got out everything they needed and after a quick lesson for Bunny on how to cut with a sharp knife they were off! All on their own they made fresh salsa and they loved it! It was awesome to watch them enthusiastically work together, adding things, and working out the best way to cut something up! The results were awesome!

How yummy is that? They did great! I forget alot to let Bunny into the kitchen and letting them do this reminded me of how important it is and how much she can do! Taking Time to cook is an awesome idea!
Now its your turn! What did you take the time to do this week? Did you paint, dance, read, or blow something up? I would love to hear it! Add your link below and be sure to add a link back in your post! Plus I made this pretty button on the left hand side bar, feel free to grab it for yourself! 🙂
Happy Taking Time Tuesday Wednesday!