Taking Time Tuseday~ Ornaments

Today was a wonderful Tuesday for our craft time! We were able to have a few friends over and make some ornaments! We have been making ornaments to sell at our church for a donation. The funds we raise will go to help a charity. I am hoping that this will be a nice simple way to help Bunny think about helping others out! Our friends came over today to help us out with this! I had everything all set up to make the trees we worked on yesterday, and a new paper ornament that I found on, you guessed it, Pintrest! Here is a link to the ones I found. I had all the paper pre cut into strips and ready to go. The girls had to measure out the strips using the ruler (great math work). They needed one 6″ piece, two 7″ pieces, and two 8″ pieces. Then next thing they needed to do was put the medium pieces one on either side of smallest strip, then the largest on either side of the outside. Next we line up the edges and staple the end. To finish the we lined the other ends up and stapled it. This allowed the longer pieces to bow out to form an orb type shape! However it was a little trickier then we thought it would be. The girls needed quite a bit more help then I thought. They did a great job, but after a few of then they switched gears and started making cards using the left over bits of paper! So I finished the ornaments while they made some beautiful cards! I figured we can sell those too! Here are some pictures of out work today!

Here is our tray!
Yes that is glitter paper!!! And you can also see my example ornament.

Here is Bunny measuring so carefully!

She showed her friend how to make the tree ornaments!
She did a great job!

HL wanted to glue felt and paper! He inspired the card making!

The card making was a hit!
 In fact I left the card stock and scraps out on a tray for Bunny to work on some more this week!

Here are the finished cards!

This one was made by CM. I love this one!

Bunny did this and I love the gifts at the bottom of the tree!

HL made this one and I love the sticking out arms! There is one on each side! Too Cute!

Bunny made this one using the cookie cutters!
So that is what we did today! All the kids had fun crafting and of course playing!!!! It was really wonderful to have some fun with out friends and to take the time to do something that could help others! I have a donation button on the left hand side of my blog if you want to donate to Bunny’s Christmas Donation! Happy Christmas Crafting!