Asia Study

Well I realized that I never got around to posting about the awesome Asia study we did with our homeschool group the other week! We had a lot of fun learning about the different parts of the continent. Then, since it was close to the Chinese New Year, we talked especially about China. We read a story, looked at some amazing pictures, and even got to get some money! After that the kids decorated a cut out of their Chinese zodiac animal using bits of material, ribbon, and some sparkles! We ended the fun with ordered in Chinese food that was just amazing! We of course tried to eat using chopsticks, and boy was that fun to watch! 😉 These amazing get together with our homeschool group are a really great way to get deep in touch with different countries. Tomorrow we are doing Antarctica! Should be fun! I think the irony is that the snow is melting here after some of the coldest weather and highest levels of snow we have ever seen! 😉 Happy Schooling! IMG_3025

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