Australia Contient Box

A read asked me to share my Australia and South America continent boxes. I was shocked (and a little ashamed) that I hadn’t gotten them up! Opps! So it is time to remedy that.  Like all of my continent boxes I made all of the cards in this one too, and though I would love for them to be 3part cards, I couldn’t afford to do it. So there are basically pictures of the continent. Our Australia box is a little shy of cool cultural treasures as I don’t know anyone who has ever been there. (if anyone has an ideas of where to get some goodies for this let me know!) So here we go:

Photo Shoot Edits~ landscape - Page 010

This box includes:
~ Pictures of Australian People
~ Pictures of Australian Food
~ Pictures of Australian Musical Instruments
~ Pictures of Australian Places
~ Pictures of Australian Birds
~ Pictures of Australian Animals
~Kangaroo, Dingo, Duck Billed platypus, wolverine, etc Figures
~Coral Reef animals from the Safari LTD Coral Reef Toob
~ Rag doll made in the Philippines
~ Hand Woven bracelet
~ Some Gem Stones from Australia
IMG_1160 IMG_1168 IMG_1164 IMG_1161
So there you have it! This is our small collection of Australia treasures! We have not yet studied Australia this year, so we will see what the girls think is cool when we get here! I think that they will at least be interested in it because of the wallabies we had at our zoo during the summer! So what do you use to inspire geographic learning? Do you have something you would add to this box? (Please help me find new ideas!) Happy Schooling!