Montessori Monday~ South America Contient Box

Well everyone, I did a little “blog cleaning” and updated some of the paged up at the top of my blog. This means I added some of the theme tray posts to the Our Trays page, and I realized that I never finished my Continent boxes! Shame on me! So I am going to add the last couple of them in this week! I hope you enjoy what I have, and as always, if you have an idea of what else can add, leave me a note! 🙂 I made all the cards in the box and I would have liked to have added a copy to make three part cards, but I ran out of money. All of the cards were made using pictures I found online, but you can buys a really awesome set from Montessori Print Shop. Anyway, here is what I have for South America. I really dont have very many items in this box since I dont know anyone in South America yet, but like all my other boxes, this is a work in progress!

This box includes:
~ Pictures of South American People
~ Pictures of South American Food
~ Pictures of South American Musical Instruments
~ Pictures of South American Places
~ Pictures of South American Birds
~ Pictures of South American Animals
~ South American Birds from the Exotic Birds Toob
~ Iguana and Lizard Figures
~ Llama and Giant Tortoise Figures
~ An Emerald Stone

There you have it. I think that this box is the least filled and yet it is the one that the kids really love to get out! I think maybe its because its pink! 😉 Do you want to see more AMAZING Montessori fun? Be sure to stop by Montessori Monday at Living Montessori Now! I am linking up there!