"C" is for Cloud Paint!

Today we talked about clouds more in depth. We started out by talking again about the weather and we started tracking the weather by making a calender and marking today’s weather and yesterdays weather down. I think that Bunny will do it for a while, but we’ll see. I’m so bad at remembering to do that kind of stuff! But then we got talking about the other kinds of clouds (we talked mostly about the main three Cirrus, Stratus, and Cumulus) and the kids did the clouds art tray work. The highlight of the day though was cloud paint! I saw this idea on Pintrest (where else?). All that we needed to do was mix some shaving cream and tempera paint  together and we got this amazing, puffy paint that was so much fun to paint with! It was awesome! I really think that we could do so much with this idea. Think of all the sensory fun you could have if you mixed it with colors and let the kids finger paint with it! If you want the link to the post I found it on click here. Another really great idea that I found (after we painted of course) was here. This idea is a great way to show how different the cloud look! Anyway, here are some pictures of our fun!

Bug was so proud that she was able to write “November” on her own!


Here are my artists hard at work!

The paint was so cool! It was amazingly puffy and fun! 🙂
We also got in some regular work and it was fun to see the kids working together today! I however could have been a little more pleasant, but even I have my days! I’ll do better tomorrow!

Funnel work
(Bunny said that the funnel was like a cloud and she was making it rain!
 See I knew it fit into my theme!)

Pup was matching colors! This is more fun then color tablets, but same idea!

Bug did more letter work! She really is loving it! I hope that if we keep going forward like this she may even be able to start putting some sounds together! What I need to do is find a nice theme that starts with a vowel sound! Any ideas?

Bunny wanted to just look at the hundreds board chart! She counted to a hundred on her own!!!! She was so proud and she did it again later too!

Here is Tadpole with his best friend!!!! 😉
I finally got all the paint off him from our project and I turned around to find this!
Too cute! 🙂