Cheetahs Everywhere!

Work this week has been really hard to get good work time in due to appointments and stuff like that. Have you ever had a week like that? Well we did get a few things done though. I think that the most notable work that has been done is on Pup’s Cheetah work has been going strong. Pup’s Cheetah work has just captured her heart. She has made so many things this week and really wanted read and play with cheetahs. She painted the sculpture she made last week. She painted a board like the grasslands of Africa for her toy cheetah to play on. We read and re-read book after book, and we finally got the movie she wanted to watch about Cheetahs. But we have also done some other things too! We played go fetch with cards and counters and she also built the binomial cube without the box!   To support her study, I made some new tray for her that are sort of cheetah like! Here is what we have going on! 🙂

Pouring Water
(Ok, not really cheetah like, but fun!)

Wood Piece Transfer

Cheetah Playdough

Sewing a Button
(I think Bunny will like this too)

Scrubbing a Cheetah
(and Zebra and Elephant….you get the idea! I made a few African animal dirty so it was more fun!)


She loved the scrubbing!
She worked really hard to make a cheetah out of felt. She did it all herself and was really proud of it! She has it hanging on her bulletin board!


She did great with this! She is really understanding her numbers! Bunny thinks its no fair that she has all the fun math! I think it maybe the pretty pink hearts!

She has made quite a few playdough cheetahs too. I love that they have eyes and mouths! She is holding here by the tail since it wouldnt stand.

So there you have a project in full swing! My plan for tomorrow is to read some more cheetah books and to get Bunny interested in some new work! I hope your work week is going well! Happy Schooling!