Hobbies Meet Real Life


Have you ever had that realization that your hobby is just really hard to fit into real life? I love to be creative, to take pictures, to make cool stuff. But things like teaching kids, cooking food, and cleaning messes seem to take a lot of time! 😉 So much that sometimes it feels like I don’t have those stretches of time to devote to my random things. So I try do what every busy mom knows how to do really well…..multi-task! Photography is one of my fun things that is a little easier to work with! Its all about capturing a moment and telling a story with that! So I set up my tripod and my camera exposure. Then I took pictures of us working on our school work together. I was sitting on our couch reading and doing some lessons and, with my remote, I would take pictures! So I got to work on my fun stuff while teaching really usful subjects to my kids! The results were interesting and it is a good way to hold onto the daily realisty here! I don’t have pictures of us doing school work and since this is something that is a huge part of our lives it seems silly to not have some! The more I think about taking pictures, the more I realize that the pictures that speak the most to me, both that I take and that I see of others, are always the ones that are real. Where the family or the subject is engaged in something that is real and meaningful to them. Portraits are nice and look good on a wall, but the photos that invoke true feeling in someone are the unstaged ones. I guess that means my style of photography is leaning toward lifestyle photography. Here are my pictures from our lesson. I did some edits on them, just in case you are wondering!

DSC_0143 DSC_0163 DSC_0161.2 DSC_0158 DSC_0152 DSC_0147

What do you think? Do you have a hobby that you try to fit into the daily business of mommy life?

PS……I haven’t forgotten Halloween pics! I will post them next! 🙂