Homeschooling is Amazing!

Pup playing! She has engineered a great little house here and she is even making sure her babies are reading!

Learning sounds and writing words!
Today we learned “ar”, “ou”, “ie”, and “ch”

She wrote a word all by herself! She always surprises herself when she does that! 🙂

Well today we had alot to do, and places to go. I knew that we were not going have time to work. So I did something moms have been doing for ever, I schooled on the go! Now being a Montessori mama, I don’t have any workbooks or worksheets that I rely on. We play games instead! So today while we brushed our teeth and made our beds, we did multiplication, addition, and subtraction problems with our fingers! While we ate breakfast, we learned some new sounds! While I cleaned up the dished and started dinner Bunny wrote new words. While we were driving in the car we talked about manners and other grace and courtesy lessons. We were able to learn even though we weren’t in the school room! This is something that I have been seeing in real time this week! We are learning all the time, whether we are at home, or at the zoo, or even in the car! Kids are amazingly capable of absorbing vast amounts of information no matter where they are! Society views learning as something that we drop our kids off at school to be done by teachers, and while this is true, its not the only way kids can learn! All parents have had that moment when their kids says something that you never knew they knew! Kids are always learning and applying information to what they already know! It is so cool to see them start to make the connections and then to see their face when it all clicks and they know it! Nothing is better then that look of pride and joy in new knowledge and skills! As parents we are really blessed to see this in its purest form! We are able to see the sparks of interest that starts in our kids and we have the ability to fan that spark into a fire of learning! As homeschoolers we are blessed with being able to be a part of that in a deeper way. We can take the time that would be spend learning other things and apply that to what our kids want to know the most! Learning is a special thing that sometimes requires flexibility if it is to be effective. I know that if I focus on what is most interesting to my kids in a certain moment, then I am able to pass on massive amounts of information to them! Things like reading, writing, and math need to be done most of the time, but most everything else can be woven into what is important to my girls. For example, when Bunny wanted to learn about igloos and polar bears the other day we did! And we got to learn geography, biology, zoology, weather, and of course reading and writing! All in one day, and she learned it well! What else can you ask for! So I guess the point of my long ramble here is that our kids are always learning and always growing, and if you watch out for their moments of interest, they can learn anything! So to all of you our there who are doing their best to help their kids learn everything they can, I applaud you and wish you the best! We are blessed with opportunity and we cant forget that! Happy Schooling everyone!