"M" is for Magical Monarchs!!!

Today Bug came to the house wanting to do Fairy School. 🙂 So I ran with it. I had some peg people and some butterfly cut outs that I was going to have them paint. So I decided that I would tell a story about the Monarch Fairies while we painted. I gave them orange, black, and white paint and the wooden objects. Then, with a hope and a prayer, I made up a little story! Here I will re tell it more or less the way I did for them! 🙂
“Every year the Monarch butterflies fly up from their warm winter home in Mexico. They fly miles and miles over mountains and water to come up here to our area so that they can lay little eggs that become new caterpillars. These butterflies fly about looking for just the right milkweed plant to lay their eggs on. Who do you think helps the butterflies find the perfect place? {Bunny at this point said “Jesus” so I had to think a little quickly! 🙂 I love my spiritual little girl! } That’s right Jesus does tell them, but he uses some little helpers! The Monarch Fairies are there to guild each little butterfly to a perfect plant! Then the butterfly can lay the eggs safely. Then they fly off. The Monarch fairies then take care of the baby caterpillars and stay with them until they turn into new butterflies!!! These fairies are black and orange just like the butterflies and so such beautiful little things but they are very hard to see. The like to stay hidden!  Sometimes when you see small little orange butterflies, look very close, they maybe fairies!”
This is more or less the same story I told the girls! It may not win any prizes. but the girls lived it! They painted their Butterfly and their fairy. Then when they dried, I hot glued some orange wool roving wings on the fairies. I also cut a green felt leaf for them to play with. It was good project! 🙂

Here they are painting after I finished the story.

Bug was very proud of her butterfly and fairy!

Here is Bug’s

Here is Bunny’s

Here is mine! 😉
{I couldn’t resist}

Here is Pup’s!
It was a pretty fun project for the girls. It capped off our “M” week well! It was a hard week due to my lack of schedule. So I hope to work on that this weekend! Hopefully it will us improve next week. See you then!