Montessori Monday~ Air

I hope that you all had an amazing Easter! I know that we did! My girlies were super cute (if I do say so myself) in their Easter finery! I posted up all the pictures of them here!
Anyway, on to the business of the day….we are back to school today and working on the next element of our Waseca Biome Study~ Air! Since we were still recovering from all of our Easter fun, it was a simple presentation day. We talked a bit about how the plants use the air to grow and they make oxygen for the animals, and the animals make carbon dioxide which the plants need. It is a complicate “dance” that living things do with the air we so desperately need! After that I let the girls get to work with what they chose! I did make a few air related work and I think that there will be a couple more that will be added as we talk more about air this week. Here are the pictures of the trays I have out this week!

Blow Away or Stand Still
(this is like sink or float, the child guess what she thinks each object will do, then blows to see if it move or if it stand still!)

Sponge Tower
(Child will build the tower with the tongs and then blow it over!)

Blowing across the top of the bottles to hear the different sounds!
Our work time today was better then I thought it would be. Bunny worked on some reading and some skip counting. Pup and I worked together a bit today and I think that I need to really try and work more with her since she is clearly ready for the “big girl” work! She completed the binomial cube several times today for the first time and she was really proud!
More puzzles!!!! She has been on a roll with this!

This work was pretty tricky for Bunny, but she really was interested in trying to hear the different sounds that the bottles made!

Object boxes. Bunny read all the words today in the box! There are quite a few in there and she did really great! I think that we are getting closer to reading more!!!!

She was so very proud that she was able to do the binomial cube all by herself!

Both girls pulled out the different cubes! They really love these works and Pup is so happy that she was able to do the work on her own!

Skip counting by fives.

Pup and I played with the red rods! I laid down on the floor and she laid the rods the length of me! She thought it was super funny to “measure” me with rods!!!! After she did me a few times, I “measured” her! It was fun and she thought it was the best!

I showed her the red rod maze again. She handed me the rods as I needed them and she really has figured out which ones are the longest!

She also has been drawing! That is me with the red rods down the side there! I love that she is noticing and processing so much!
That is what we were up to today!!!! We are off to another good week I hope! Be sure to stop by later this week, for more air fun! I hope that you all stop by and see Deb at Living Montessori Now! I linked up there! Happy Schooling everyone!!!!