Montessori Monday~ FIAR Apple Pie

Today we started our first Five in a Row {FIAR} book! I am trying it out to see how it works and so far its going pretty well! We decided to start with “How to Make and Apple Pie and See the World”. We have already done alot with apples this year, so I am focusing more on the geography in the book! {Our letter will be “W” for world} Bunny and I read the book today and then we went through the book and put out pictures of where the girl went and what she got where. After that we did some simple addition and subtraction with “apples” (I used the cherries from our High Ho the Cherrio game). She got them all right! She even makes sure she reads the signs right {I mixed the addition problems with the subtractions problems}! I was so proud of her! We even practiced some reading. I wrote some simple sentences and she read them {with a little help from me with the harder sounds}. Pup and Bug were playing together all day and didn’t do very much work, but I figured that they were learning alot just doing that! Here are some pictures of our day!

Here is our apple math!

Here are the results of her math problems.
{I guess we need to work on writing our numbers :)}

Here is Bunny reading!

Here are sentences she read. I had to help her with the silent “e” and with the “ea” sound,
but she is getting it!

The little girls got out the metal insets and made apples!

I also made a quick color mixing work and it was a HUGE hit here!
Everyone wanted to do it, so we also had a lesson on waiting! 🙂

Tadpole has been wanting play in water constantly, so I let him play in the sink!
He really loved it….till he soaked himself!

Too Cute!
So that was our day today! Stay tuned tomorrow is our Taking Time Tuesday and I have some things planned for the girls. I also have plans to work on the water cycle and evaporation {like the salt water that the girl in the book evaporated to get salt}, and I want to present Bunny with the Vowel Tree from Montessori Moments! If you want to see more Montessori work, please stop by Living Montessori Now and One Hook Wonder! Happy Schooling!