Montessori Monday~ Great Lesson 5~ Story of Numbers

Today we did our last of the Great Lessons! I was already for the this one, I had the timeline, I made the charts, and everything was set! What I didn’t prepare for was the math that the kids were going to want to do with all the old numerals! 🙂 I was kept on my toes writing problems out for them to write in roman numerals, Babylonian symbols, and Chinese numbers! They loved it! It was alot of fun! And to think I thought that this would be one of the more boring lessons! 😉 Here is some picture from out work!

Here is Bunny’s Babylonian numbers

And this is the copy of the Roman Numerals Chart she made!

C Work with the Babylonian numbers too and she also did a bunch of addition with Roman Numerals! She thought it was awesome that her numbers were bigger then the example I had on the chart! 🙂

J. wrote out a whole list of numbers in Chinese and then translated it back into Arabic numbers on the other side of the paper!

The day of course ended with a little bit of show! The girls wanted to show off what they learned! This really is a great story and really the timeline is not super necessary right away! The charts are really what draws the children! I made them, so here they are for you to print off yourself! They are NOT in order of presentation during the story so be sure that you keep that in mind! If there is a mistake, let me know! I think I got it right, but you never know! I am linking up to Montessori Monday so stop by there for more Montessori Fun! Happy Schooling!