Montessori Monday~ Human Body Week 3!

Ok, so like I said yesterday I have been doing a ton of thinking and planning! We have not been getting in any work time longer then an hour. This has led to rather fragmented information and very little mastery over work! So, I rearranged some shelves and made a bunch of new work. Instead of having the tall shelf full of trays for the girls, I made all of that for Tadpole! Then I put all of the other trays over in the main cabinet area. My goal was to creat unity for the bigger kids work and a special place where Tadpole could get what he wanted without getting into something dangerous. Then, first thing this morning, I hearded the kids down stairs and held them hostage (ok maybe not hostage, but you get my point! We were going to work)! I actually worked pretty well! Tadpole worked for a while (then he just wandered and got into thing like normal!) And the girls did really well!!!!! Having more time allowed us to have a slower pace which I think allowed them to take time to conctrate! Hooray! I think that if I keep them down there then we will be able to really make some progress! So here are the trays that I made this week. I had a great time printing out a bunch of fun health works from Montessori Print Shop Taking Care of my Body Unit Starter. Pup has really been interesting in matching picutres, so I hoped she would like some the amazing stuff that was in the set! By the way, for a human body unit, this set is a really great deal! There is a ton of fun stuff! :)So here is what we have out this week!

Making a Skeleton out of Pasta

Sweeping Hearts

Sorting Healthy and Unhealthy food

Labling Parts of the Body

5 Food Group Matching

Stamping a Pattern


Spooning Wooden Balls
(really not anything theme related! Tadpole really loved it!)
I really loved  all the work that the kids did today! There some really great concentration and everyone worked on something new and challenging! Here are the highlights of our two hours!
Tadpole really loved the cutting!
(You can see the Tadpole shelf behind him)

Bunny and Bug worked REALLY hard at their skeltons. Bug got tierd and didnt put legs on hers. She told her mom that she had a skelton but it was only half! 🙂

I showed Pup some knobless cylinder papers. She relly isnt ready for this size grading stuff. She tried though!

Bug worked REALLY hard on the binomial cube! She picked it out all by herelf and work at it for at least 25 minutes! I was shocked at her concentration!

I moved the chalk board over by the language materials and Bunny loved it! She said it was like a little sound area! 🙂 She really worked on some letter writing and some new sounds for a while! I was so happy! If this is what works, then I will make sure that it all stays right there!

See, still working!

Pup colored a human body picture today! She really liked it!

Here is picture that Pup took of her work! 🙂

I played eye spy with Bug and Pup today! they both did well! I really want to be able to do more of that with the girls! Pup and I did it while we were getting ready this morning, and Bug and I used the objects that are in my sound basket!

After a while the little ones were getting restless, so I pulled out the hop scotch rug!

Bunny did the whole Hundreds Board on her won today! This has been a work that she resisted even though I know she was ready for it! Today she pulled it off the shelf and did all of it!

After a while I noticed all the kids needed to move! So I printed off some Yoga Cards from Montessori By Hand! These cards are really great. They are a real child doing each pose. The girls and I did an bunch together (i wanted to be sure that they could do them correctly) and then they chose cards on their own to do! They all really loved it! I think that this will be something that will be done alot! And Yes those are work rugs standing in as yoga mats! 😉

So that is what we were up today! I really hope its the begining of a great week! I really will be good for us to work longer! Wish us luck! If you would like to check out a bunch more amazing Montessori work, then please stop by Living Montessori now for Montessori Monday!!!!! Happy Schooling Everyone!