Montessori Monday~ Living/ Non Living!

We are moving forward in our Waseca Biome Study and this week we are talking about Living/ Non Living and Plants/ Animals. This is short review is perfect for our week since we have a lot going on. If I were just teaching Bunny I would skim through this, but it is a really good presentation for Pup! She really hasn’t been presented with this at all, so it has been interesting to talk to her about living/ non living. She doesn’t quite get all of it yet, but I’m sure with a bit more work with tray she will get it! Speaking of trays, I did make a few for this week, so here is what I put out on the shelves!

Both of the girls worked really hard today it was all about Math here! After we did out Living/ Non Living presentation, Pup pulled out the spindle box, and Bunny started with the small bead frame (I made this over the weekend and it turned out pretty good for $3). While I was presenting the bead frame to Bunny, Pup correctly did the 0-4 spindle all on her own! Se did a great job! She wanted to try the other one, but she is not quite there yet!  I will be honest, I am really surprised at how good she is doing with the math. I guess I will keep going until she she is not interested! Bunny did a great job understanding the bead frame. She got very confused when we got to a problem with exchanges. Opps! I forget to check it before we started work! 😉 After that we switched to the stamps. While she was doing the addition problem with the exchange, I read up on dynamic division. This is something that I have never gotten around to teaching her and I really don’t understand all the different division works that there are. But I managed to figure out enough to teach her simple division with the stamps. She got it and we did a few problems. However, I’m still confused with how to do the longer problems. If anyone out there has some advise, I would love to hear it! I think I just need to read some more! Hmmm….always more to learn! 🙂 Here are (of course) a few pictures of out day!

Pup did the Living / Non Living cards after we did out presentation.
Here is Bunny working with out bead frame!

Here is the number she made.
(In case you are wondering, I will be posting about our bead frame soon!)

Pup have been in a very sensitive phase for numbers! She loves to count them, trace them, and make them! Today I showed her how to trace them in the sand and she LOVED it!

Here is her 2.

Here is her 3.

Here is her 4. Pretty good huh?

Here the spindle box that she did all on her own!
Now I know that Pup is working really fast, but she has been working so hard! I know that she is getting it! The other day, she did the number rods with me. She counted each of them out and then labeled them with the number tiles! She loved it and we did it a couple of times! She was very proud of herself!

Bunny and I worked pretty hard with dynamic division today! I think we did pretty well! 😉

After finished working for the day, my dear little ones had real Montessori moment! They both decided to clean! Bunny did the windows, and Pup emptied as much as the dishwasher as she could! I love it when they clean! 🙂

That is what we did today! Stop by over at Living Montessori Now for Montessori Monday! I linked up here! There are a bunch of amazing links there for have fun! 🙂 Tomorrow I am observing at our local Montessori school! I cant wait! Lower elementary here I come! Happy Schooling everyone!