Montessori Monday~ More Wintertime Fun!

Well, we are in our 3rd week of winter/ snow/ arctic/ Antarctica theme! So far its been so much fun for everyone and I hope this week is the same! I did make a couple of new trays and I also have the plan all written up for Bunny this week. So far writing up the plan has helped us keep on track and know what the plan is. It is still flexible depending on her interests or on what we end up doing that week. For example, last week we were supposed to learn some double phonograms, but she was really into reading her readers instead, so we went with it! So here is a look at what is new on our shelves this week!

Putting snow onto the tree with tweezers
(Its hard to see, but the girls will us the tweezers to stick a snowball

Here is work list this week!
We also had a really great work day today! Bunny did some good work, Pup tried a few new things, and Bug worked on her letters! (Tadpole however, flooded the bathroom, mixed the dog food and water together, and undecorated my house! It was a rough day for him!). So here are the picture of our school day!
Here is Bunny first thing this morning after breakfast. She found my old bible from when I was little and she said it is very special to her. Before bed last night she wanted me to read her a passage that she picked out (randomly) and then she told me that she loved God more then anything, more then the whole world, and more then everything in the universe! Awwww….I am a happy Mommy!

Pup wanted the new work first!

And she was so proud when she did it!

Caught red handed! 😉 He knocks it down and runs!

Bug worked really hard on this work today!

She was really proud of her work too!

Bug did this work again and really did a great job!
She even went upstairs to get her own water.

Pup tried this and really did a good job, even with the ice!

The girls worked together to build some puzzles!

Ok….picture is upside down, but here is Bunny’s beginning time work. She and I talked about hours, minutes, and seconds. We also worked on telling time by hour. She wort of got it. We’ll keep trying!

These girls thought they could really read.

So I showed Bug how to put the sounds we have worked on together to make words! She was AMAZED and very interested in how that worked! I hope that I have reignited her interest in some letters! She really loved this work and I think she will ask to do it again!

I also introduced her to a few new sounds!

Bunny dug into the Antarctica Box and then she worked with our nature tray for a bit.

Bug did the red rods and she did pretty well! The hardest thing for her to do is line up the ends.
 I’m not sure why. She’ll get it!

Bunny also worked with the pouring ice water. She really worked hard to pour the water right to the top of each cup. It was great self control!

Addition snake game!

Bunny thought she would work with the moveable alphabet, and had a small accident!
 Oops! It was a great lesson in sorting!

We also put up the calender for the new year (Yes I forgot about it) and Bunny and I were talking about it! 
So that is what we were up to today!!!! I love seeing Montessori work, so if you want to see some more, be sure to visit Living Montessori Now for the Montessori Monday link up! Happy Schooling everyone!