Montessori Monday~ Plants and a GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

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Well today I am happy to say we are learning all about plants this week!!!!! I have been crazy busy, so I haven’t had a ton of time this week to get everything together. However, I did manage to get a few new tray out for the week and I think we are going to have some fun!!!! Here is a look at what is out on the the shelves this week!

Spooning Seeds

Serving salad

Pouring water with a watering can

Clothes pins on flower pot
I am really trying to get Pup interested in her work. She really isn’t all that interested in much other then math (which she needs my help for). So I am trying a few new ideas to get her to work more independently while I help Bunny.
Pouring ans serving water!

Serving Salad.
(This is really hard to do!)


Sandpaper numbers

Sound Cylinders

Plant or Animal
Today, Bunny and I made our work plan and that was really successful! She know what she needs to do and I can make sure she is getting it all in. It is so interesting to see the next plane of development happening with her and I am really excited about it. I thought I would be sad to see it change, but there is so much happening that is so cool! I will have to write a post about that later! 🙂
Our first task on the work plan was to do our plant food presentation! This was the first plant presentation in the waseca study and it is defiantly a 6-12 presentation. In the lesson, it is meant to be done in a class so that it can be almost a play of sorts. I didn’t have 8-10 friends, so we used pompoms! 🙂 The first this we did was talk about how all living things are made of atoms and they are the smallest bit of life. Atoms make up the plant cell. Interesting enough, Bunny went to get the smallest pink tower cube and said that it was like that! It is always so cool when they kids see the other material in the classroom in connection with what they are learning!!!! Next we talked about the atoms that make up carbon dioxide and water. We made a carbon dioxide atom with 1 Carbon (brown pompom) and 2 Oxygen (blue pompoms). We also made water with 1 oxygen (blue pompoms again) and 2 Hydrogen (pink pompoms). She thought that this was very cool! Then we talked about how a plant cell contains chloroplast (here I spread out a green piece of felt). We talked about how there are holes there that allow the carbon dioxide to come in. The roots pull the water molecules up to the plant as well. Next I explained the sunshine comes in and breaks up the water. The hydrogen from the water hooks up to the carbon dioxide and makes a new molecule. However, the oxygen from the water needs a buddy, so it takes one from the new molecule, and these two go out into the air! The new molecule is a carb that is food for the plant!!!! It is a hard concept to learn, but Bunny loved it and we did it over and over! She also wrote a report!

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