Montessori Monday~ Princess Theme

Well everyone I am all set for our new theme for the month! This past couple of weeks both of my girls have fallen in love with princesses!!!!! Since I am in the middle of planning a sweet Princess Party for Pup’s birthday, I thought that I would keep this theme going, and it has been a hit!!!! Both of my girls have been so excited! To be honest there is not too much that you can learn about princesses (minus going in to different royalty), so it is mostly some fun trays! We are also focusing on Fairy Tales. Bunny and Pup have never really been interesting in them and in fact they have never really seen even the Disney Movies. This gives me a clean slate to give them the “real” thing. I have had a blast getting out all the beautiful fairy tale picture book from our library! We have been reading a ton of them obsessively. I think we have 8 different Cinderella’s and I am using this to help Bunny see how different pictures can change the feeling of the same story. We are also talking out the structure of a good story, beginning, middle, and end. I want to be able to help her write some more this month and I think that this will me the main direction of the theme. As for trays, I was able to find some really amazing Princess printable from 1+1+1=1! I dont usually use printables, but these are really great! The princesses are too cute and I love that some of the materials talk about being God’s Little Princess. I bought some of the GiGi God’s Little Princess Books and I love that they present the theme of wanting to be a princess to because you are God’s daughters! I was on In the Heart of my Home and Elizabeth was talking all about how she wanted her girls to realize that they are really, truly Princesses of God. The books sounded amazing and they have been a great jumping off point for talking about how a princess acts. I can see some really wonderful grace and courtesy lessons coming out of this too! So here are some pictures of what we have out on the shelves!

Making patterns
(From the printable set)

Princess 3 Part Cards
(also in the printable pack)

Matching words to objects
( I really was hoping to really be able to encourage Bunny to read a bit!)

Tweezing tiny crowns
(Yes those are tiny mirror crowns)

Spooning Fairy Dust
(this was a hit)

What is my Fairy Dust secret?
Salt and glitter!

Pouring water in a fancy glass
(I really thought that this would be easy since pouring has been pretty mastered here. However, pouring the water from glass back into the pitcher is really tricky for everyone! I am leaving it out though so that they can get some practice with something harder then normal!)

Copy the poster
(sort of a handwriting practice)

I really want the girls to memorize this. It is cute, simple and I think it will be really great thing for them to do)

Nature Tray
(I have some sparkly rock out to investigate and in the box is a rock matching)

Tracing Cookie Cutters
(I was hoping that this would not only help with pencil control, but also be a great jumping off point for story writing!)

Here is our GiGi book for the week!
Today the girls were so excited to get to work! I love it when they are excited! Bug and Tadpole were here today and they liked it too! I think we got quite a bit of work done today! Bug worked really hard for a long time on the fairy dust, and Pup the 3 part cards! We played memory match with it! Bunny tied everything and did some really great other work too! I really love this theme! It isnt my most educational theme, but it is fun! 😉

I have a giant sparkly marble on the lid of a star shaped box. This is to use when walking the line! This is another thing that is really a big thing here!

Bug spilled and she got the small brush off the sweeping tray to clean up! Sooooo Montessori!

Bunny tried this, but it was pretty hard. We need a little bit more practice!

These are addition problems on Popsicle stick. Bunny puts them in the box with the right answer!

Bunny is loving time work! So was have been working alot on this!

We reviewed all the green letter and we only have four that we are still a little unsure of! We are almost there!!!!!

So that is what we did today! As an update, Lent has me really looking at what we are doing and I have officially decided to stop babysitting for a while. Bunny needs my attention to much right now, and she is my first priority! I may do it again another time, but right now we need to be more focused here. So I will be cutting that and a few other things. I hope that this will help our work time get better and our relationship too! I am linking this post up to Montessori Monday! Stop by and see all the fun! Happy Schooling!